Busch Stadium

Home of the St. Louis Cardinals in St. Louis, MO
Busch Stadium (1966-2005)
Busch Stadium
May 12, 1966
First Regular Season Game: May 12, 1966 (4-3 win over the Atlanta Braves in 12 innings)
Construction Began: August 18, 1964
Capacity (2005): 50,345
Original Construction Cost: $22 million
Stadium Design: Multipurpose

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Getting There

Out-of-Town ScoresBusch Stadium is bordered by I-64 and I-70 and there is plenty of parking so a car is a pretty easy option. There is also a Metro stop just outside the stadium. Parking isn't the most reasonable in the game, but at least it is plentiful.


Tickets and Seating

The tickets are fairly expensive, which is what you would expect for a good team in a baseball city, but Busch, which helped start the trend of the cookie cutter stadium, is not the best place to watch a game. The seats are all fairly far away from the action, and the upper deck is the highest I have ever seen. The atmosphere is great, but it has nothing to do with the stadium.



The arches at the top of Busch Stadium are a great nod to the Gateway Arch, and there is a statue of Stan Musial surrounded by Cards' pennants. There are other statues of Cardinal greats as well as some greenery to make the outside of Busch Stadium one of its best features.



You can't walk the concourse and still watch the game, which is typical of older stadiums. The stadium is also really bland on the inside with very few distinguishing features. This is pretty common for the cookie cutter stadiums, unfortunately.


The Field


There are two big scoreboards that are covered with more advertising than information. The videoboard is so hard to see it is almost pointless to even have it. The saving grace is the classic out-of-town scoreboard that follows the style of the scoreboard at Wrigley.



It was impossible to hear anything on the sound system so I couldn't tell whether they were playing organ music or blasting tunes. Yeah, it's an old stadium.



Cardinals fans are the most hardcore in baseball. I don't think they even allow you in the game if you aren't wearing red. Somehow I snuck in with my Cubs jersey. They know a lot about baseball and are hanging on every moment of the game. It helped that they were in a playoff race with the Astros in the last week of the season, but I'm sure the fans are into the game no matter what the situation.


Ushers and Trading Up

It Was ColdTrading up is tough when the stadium is packed, but the ushers won't let it happen anyway. There still have that nice Midwestern attitude about them, but trading up is still a no-no.


7th Inning Stretch

Busch Stadium is one of the few places other than Wrigley that has guest singers for the 7th inning stretch. I don't think they do it for every game, but it's nice to know it's done somewhere else.


Surrounding Area

Busch Stadium is right in downtown St. Louis and is within walking distance of plenty of places.


Final Score: 70/100 C-