Sun Life Stadium

Home of the Florida Marlins in Miami, Florida
Joe Robbie Stadium (1987-1996)
Pro Player Stadium (1996-2005)
Dolphins Stadium
Dolphin Stadium (2006-2009)
Land Shark Stadium (2009-2010)
Sun Life Stadium (2010-2011)
Sun Life Stadium
August 16, 1987
First Regular Season Game: April 5, 1993 (6-3 victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers)
Construction Began: December 1, 1985
Capacity (2011): 38,560
Original Construction Cost: $115 million
Average Ticket Price (2011): $43

Dimensions (2011):

Left Field:
330 feet
LF Power Alley: 361 feet
Center Field: 404 feet
RF Power Alley: 361 feet
Right Field: 345 feet

Dimensions (Original):

Left Field:
335 feet
LF Power Alley: 380 feet
Center Field: 410 feet
RF Power Alley: 380 feet
Right Field: 345 feet

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A Lack of Fans at Sun Life Stadium

Getting There

There doesn't seem to be any public transportation to get to Sun Life Stadium. If there is then it is tough to find. There is a lot of parking around the stadium even if the toll system will eat up your singles on the drive there. The parking is reasonable, though, and you can even park at the Wal-Mart across from the stadium if you're up for a little walk and aren't worried about a potential tow. The stadium parking doesn't open all of the lots at once so it can sometimes be difficult to find where you're allowed to park.


Tickets and Seating

The ticket prices are incredibly reasonable, especially for Miami. While no seat prices reach the single digits there are some pretty cheap ones available. The upper deck is not opened for regular season games so the seats that are available are all pretty close to the field and, surprisingly, even though it is a football stadium there isn't much foul territory. You aren't as close to the field as you are at stadiums like Wrigley and PNC, but it isn't bad.



The exterior of the stadium reminds you that it's a football stadium first since there are few indications that the Marlins play at Sun Life from the outside other than some flags. The team has one the World Series twice since they were founded, but there was no indication of that on the outside. The 80's-era colors are befitting Miami, but the color scheme still reminds you that the Dolphins play there.


Marlins Championships


There are a few murals around the stadium that highlight the past of the Marlins, but they tend to focus more on the Dolphins and University of Miami. The inside of the stadium isn't very unique other than a covered-up jacuzzi in the outfield. The stadium also suffers from the same plight as other football stadium such as Oakland's in that the entire upper deck is covered by a tarp. Not a good look for a stadium, but necessary since the fans couldn't even come close to filling the lower decks.



The HD scoreboard shows a lot of information and replaced the stadium's old scoreboard in 2006. The out-of-town scores are shown periodically on LED ribbons around the stadium so they can be tough to catch. There is also no classic touch to the scoreboard, which isn't surprising given it is a football stadium.



The Marlins started the game with a death-metal song dedicated to the team, and things didn't get much better from there. The sound system is good, but the only organ music was pre-recorded and only used during timeouts on the field.


Your Average Peanut Vendor


I was going to give the fans a little leeway because the game we went to was in the middle of the week on a rain-threatened night, but from what I've read the game we went to was typical. The stadium was even more empty than the game we went to in Oakland, and the fans didn't even get into the game when the scoreboard encouraged them to. Hopefully a new stadium will get more fans out to games, but the fans certainly didn't care for Marlins games at Sun Life.


Ushers and Trading Up

The ushers are almost nonexistent, but the good part about that is you can sit where ever you want. Trading up is easier at Sun Life than any other stadium.


7th Inning Stretch

The fans actually got into "Take Me Out" and afterwards they played "Shout," which is fitting for Miami's party atmosphere.


Surrounding Area

Other than a Wal-Mart there is nothing to do around Sun Life Stadium, and even the Wal-Mart seemed a little shady. You're better off paying the tolls to head down to South Beach.


Final Score: 54/100 F