Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome

Home of the Minnesota Twins in Minneapolis, MN
Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome
The Metrodome
April 6, 1982
First Regular Season Game: April 6, 1982 (11-7 loss to the Seattle Mariners)
Construction Began: December 20, 1979
Capacity (2009): 45,423
Original Construction Cost: $68 million
Stadium Design: Indoor / Multipurpose

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Fans Celebrate a Homerun

Getting There

It is pretty easy to find the Metrodome if you're driving, but parking is a different story. Although the parking is cheap you could be parking pretty far away. There aren't really any public transporation options that I know of so driving is pretty much your only choice.


Tickets and Seating

Tickets for a Twins game are reasonable, but the Metrodome doesn't really have an intimate atmosphere for baseball. I thought I was going to see the Golden Gophers play some hoops. The stadium was built to be multipurpose, and it does not really do the best job of providing a great baseball experience.



The Metrodome is, surprisingly enough, a dome. It really stands out in the Minneapolis landscape, but it does not look like a baseball stadium. There is almost nothing outside the stadium except one side where there are numerous vendors and tailgating going on, which was a welcome surprise and makes up for the ugly stadium.


Twins Championships


Baseball should not be played indoors...ever. Domed stadiums are a horrible mistake that should not ever be repeated. The roof looks really strange, and you really do feel like you've come to watch a basketball game. There are some championship banners and retired numbers in the upper deck, but nothing else of note.



The scoreboard is really small and only gives you the most basic information. The videoboard is also pretty small and the quality is awful compared to newer stadiums such as Nationals Park and PNC. The out-of-town scoreboard is just as bad since the scores go by way too fast to be of any use.



The sound is decent, but nothing special. At least you can hear the popular music they play unlike some other older stadiums. They also have what I believe is a real organ and play it quite a bit more than other stadiums.




The Twins fans really got into the game and they seem pretty knowledgable about baseball. The place was still fairly empty, though, even though the Twins were playing well. The fans have been through a lot with a team that was almost contracted so hopeful Target Field turns out to be a great stadium.


Ushers and Trading Up

Minnesota nice certainly applies to the ushers at the Metrodome, and they don't seem too eager to stop you from trading up if you want.


7th Inning Stretch

The Twins have a fan lead the 7th inning stretch as "Take Me Out" is played on the organ. It's kind of a cool tradition, and the Metrodome is one of the few stadiums that does something unique.


Surrounding Area

Hubert's seems to be the only place to hang out after the game unless you are willing to walk further to downtown Minneapolis. The area around the park is pretty lively before a game, but pretty dead after one.


Final Score: 64/100 D