Rogers Centre

Home of the Toronto Blue Jays in Toronto, Ontario
SkyDome (1989-2004)
Rogers Centre (2005-Present)
Rogers Centre
June 5, 1989
First Regular Season Game: June 5, 1989 (5-3 loss to the Milwaukee Brewers)
Construction Began: October 3, 1986
Capacity (2014): 49,286
Original Construction Cost: $500 million
Stadium Design: Multipurpose

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Outside Rogers Centre

Getting There

The subway drops you off really close to the stadium, and parking is pretty ample around the stadium. The traffic can be pretty bad after games, though, so the subway is probably the best option.


Tickets and Seating

Tickets for a Blue Jays game are fairly reasonable and are pretty easy to come by since the stadium can hold nearly 50,000 fans. The seats, though, are all pretty far away from the field and have the same problem at Fenway in that the seats don't all face the plate and you have to strain your beck to watch the game. It's the same problem many multi-purpose stadiums have (I don't know what Fenway's excuse is, though).



The CN Tower is just outside the stadium and there is usually plenty going on before and after a game since the stadium is in downtown Toronto. The stadium itself is a pretty bland structure with a few generic statues and not muc else.


View from the CN Tower


The retractable roof was one of the first of its kind and the stadium is halfway decent when it's open, but when it's closed it is as bad as the Metrodome. There really isn't much else of note inside the stadium. Even though the stadium isn't all that old it doesn't include a concourse that gives you a constant view of the game.



The videoboard at Rogers Centre is one of the biggest in the world and while it now pales compared to the boards at U.S. Cellular and Nationals Park it still looks pretty good. However, with a scoreboard as big as the one they have you would think it would have all the information you need. There is no out-of-town scoreboard, though, and the other games scroll on the main board, which makes it easy to miss the game you are looking for.



There isn't a real organ at Rogers Centre, but the quality of the sound system isn't bad. No real organ is a huge downfall, though.



It was pretty quiet and barren at the stadium and the fans didn't seem too into the game. At least they didn't do the wave.


An Empty Stadium

Ushers and Trading Up

The ushers are nice enough, but they will chase you out if you try to sneak into a lower section. This makes sense at places that are packed, but I hate when it is done at half-empty stadiums.


7th Inning Stretch

"Take Me Out" is a part of the stretch, but before it fans are lead in actual stretching exercises. It's an awesome idea and it's always great when a stadium has a unique idea for the stretch.


Surrounding Area

Wayne Gretzky's Bar is nearby and there is a lot more to do within a few minutes of the stadium since it is in the heart of downtown Toronto.


Final Score: 69/100 D+