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Sun Life Stadium9

Former Home of the Florida Marlins in Miami Gardens, Florida
Joe Robbie Stadium (1987-1996)
Pro Player Stadium (1996-2005)
Dolphins Stadium (2005-2006)
Dolphin Stadium (2006-2009)
Land Shark Stadium (2009-2010)
Sun Life Stadium (2010-2011)
Sun Life Stadium
Opened: August 16, 1987
First Regular Season Game:
April 5, 1993 (6-3 victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers)
Construction Began: December 1, 1985
Capacity: 38,560
Original Construction Cost: $115,000,000
Stadium Design: Multipurpose

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Getting There

A Lack of Fans at Sun Life Stadium

There doesn't seem to be any public transportation to get to Sun Life Stadium (-1). If there is then it is tough to find. There is a lot of parking around the stadium (+1) even if the toll system will eat up your singles on the drive there (-1). The parking is reasonable (+1), though, and you can even park at the Wal-Mart across from the stadium if you're up for a little walk (+1) and aren't worried about a potential tow. The stadium parking doesn't open all of the lots at once so it can sometimes be difficult to find where you're allowed to park.

Score: 6/10

Tickets and Seating

The ticket prices are incredibly reasonable (+1), especially for Miami. While no seat prices reach the single digits there are some pretty cheap ones available (+1). The upper deck is not opened for regular season games so the seats that are available are all pretty close to the field (+1) and, surprisingly, even though it is a football stadium there isn't much foul territory. You aren't as close to the field as you are at stadiums like Wrigley and PNC (-1), but it isn't bad.

Score: 7/10


The exterior of the stadium reminds you that it's a football stadium first since there are few indications that the Marlins play at Sun Life from the outside other than some flags (-1). The team has won the World Series twice since they were founded, but there was no indication of that on the outside (-1). The 80's-era colors are befitting Miami (+1), but the color scheme still reminds you that the Dolphins play there.

Score: 4/10


Marlins Championships

There are a few murals around the stadium that highlight the past of the Marlins (+1), but they tend to focus more on the Dolphins and University of Miami (-1). The inside of the stadium isn't very unique (-1) other than a covered-up jacuzzi in the outfield (+1). The stadium also suffers from the same plight as other football stadium such as Oakland's in that the entire upper deck is covered by a tarp (-1). Not a good look for a stadium, but necessary since the fans couldn't even come close to filling the lower decks.

Score: 4/10


The HD scoreboard shows a lot of information (+1) and replaced the stadium's old scoreboard in 2006. The out-of-town scores are shown (+1) periodically on LED ribbons around the stadium so they can be tough to catch (-1). There is also no classic touch to the scoreboard (-1), which isn't surprising given it is a football stadium.

Score: 5/10

Kid Friendly

While the stadium doesn't have a playground like some modern stadiums (-1), it does have a number of games for kids such as batting cages (+1). The kids can win prizes at these games (+1), and the best part is they are all free (+2)!

Score: 8/10


Your Average Peanut Vendor

I was going to give the fans a little leeway because the game we went to was in the middle of the week on a rain-threatened night (+1), but from what I've read the game we went to was typical (-1). The stadium was even more empty than the game we went to in Oakland (-1), and the fans didn't even get into the game when the scoreboard encouraged them to (-1). Hopefully a new stadium will get more fans out to games, but the fans certainly didn't care for Marlins games at Sun Life.

Score: 3/10

Ushers and Trading Up

The ushers are almost nonexistent (-1), but the good part about that is you can sit where ever you want (+2). Trading up is easier at Sun Life than any other stadium (+2).

Score: 8/10

7th Inning Stretch

The fans actually got into "Take Me Out" (+2) and afterwards they played "Shout," (+1) which is fitting for Miami's party atmosphere (+2).

Score: 10/10

Surrounding Area

Other than a Wal-Mart (-1) there is nothing to do around Sun Life Stadium (-1), and even the Wal-Mart seemed a little shady (-1). You're better off paying the tolls (-1) to head down to South Beach (+1).

Score: 2/10

Final Score: 57/100